Sharma Guess Paper 2024 Class 10 & Class 12 | Verma Guess Paper 2023-24 | PDF Download

Sharma Guess paper 2024 class 10 & 12 are the most popular and best Guess Paper for JAC-Jharkhand board class 10th & 12th students, Every year Sharma book publication published the JAC board Sharma Guess paper 2024 for class 10th & 12th students. Sharma Guess paper for JAC 2023-2024 Class 10-12 will be launch soon and you can buy it from the book stores.

What is Sharma Guess Paper?

Sharma Guess Paper 2024 is a JAC board Guess Paper for class 10th & 12th like Verma, Samundaran & other Guess papers, which includes the most important & expectation questions for JAC board 2024 exam. Every year so many students purchase Sharma Guess Paper for JAC and they start their prepration for JAC Board class 10 & 12 board exam. The best thing of Sharma Guess paper is that it helps to score Good Marks in less time. If we compare it with other JAC board Guess Papers then sharma guess is best for JAC-Jharkhand Board Exams.

Sharma Guess Paper for JAC 2023-2024 Class 10 & 12

If we compare the Sharma Guess paper with other JAC board guess papers then Sharma Guess Paper has so many advantages respect to other guess papers. Sharma Guess paper includes following things which make it best & perfect guess paper then other.

  • Includes Most vvi Important Questions,
  • Based on New Syllabus & Model Paper,
  • Questions includes Chapterwise & Topicwise,
  • Includes Theoretical Questions as well as Numerical Type Questions,
  • Most of the Questions asked from the Guess Paper in JAC board exams.

So Sharma Guess paper for JAC 2023-2024 gives so many advantages or benifits as compared to other Guess papers and Verma Guess paper is also a Good Guess papers but Sharma Guess 2017-2024;is the best guess papers till now.

Sharma Guess Paper Published or Release Date 2023-2024

Every year Sharma book publication release the Sharma Guess Paper in month of January or February, this year they will also release in January or February and very soon they will launch the Sharma Guess Paper for class 12. As for your kind information the Sharma Guess Paper for Class 10 will release soon, Students can buy it from any book store because it is not available in any online sites.

Sharma Guess Paper 2021 Class 10 & 12 JAC Board
Sharma Guess Paper 2024 Class 10 & 12

About Verma Guess Paper 2023-24 Class 10 & 12

Verma Guess Paper is also a Guess paper like Sharma Guess paper and Verma Guess Paper are published or released by Verma Press. Verma & Sharma Guess Paper are slightly same and it’s most of the questions are also same. Sharma Guess Paper only available in offline so you have to buy it from book shope while Verma Guess Paper are available offline as well as online, means you can also buy it from your smartphone thorough it’s official website.

Both Guess Paper are best for scoring Good marks in less time and the type of Questions are approximately same but Sharma Guess Paper has some extra advantages as compare to Verma Guess Paper like, in Sharma Guess paper you’ll get Topic wise important questions while Verma Guess paper has only Chapter-wise important questions and Sharma Guess also have so many advantages.

Sharma Guess Paper, Subjects & Available Languages

Sharma Guess Paper 2024 Class 10 & 12 are available for All subjects of class 10 & 12 such as Hindi, English, Science, Maths, Social Science & Sanskrit. Sharma Guess Paper 2024 class 12 it is also available for All streams sach as Arts, Commerce & Science for all subjects. All information mention in the table related to Sharma Guess Papers Subjects, Language Availablity & Prices which is given below.

Sharma Guess Paper 2024 Class 10 Subjects, Language Availablity & Price

SubjectsAvailable LanguagePrice
Maths Hindi48/-
Social ScienceHindi48/-

Sharma Guess Paper 2024 Class 12 Subjects, Language Availability & Price

SubjectsAvailable LanguagesPrice
Eng Core & ElectiveEnglish48/-
Hindi Core & ElectiveHindi48/-
Computer Sci.English48/-
Business StudiesEnglish48/-
Business MathsEnglish48/-
Political Sci.Hindi48/-

Sharma Guess Paper 2024 Class 10 & 12 are available only in one language for each subject, For class 10th it’s available only in Hindi language except English while 12th Guess Paper for Science & Commerce stream’s subject availability is only English (except Hindi Core/Elective & Economics). For Arts stream all subjects available in only Hindi language (except English Core/Elective).

Note:- Here we are providing the information about Sharma Guess Paper 2023-2024 for Class 10 & 12 not the Guess Papers PDFs due to some reasons, but we’ll also try to upload it and provide you for all students of Class 10th & 12th.

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