Top 5 PDF Converters for Students & Teachers – Best PDF Converters

When it comes to dealing with documents, the best PDF converter is an essential utility for teachers and students. They most probably seek a tool that lets them make conversions from PDF to Word, Image, Excel, PowerPoint, and vice versa. However, finding the best and full-fledged PDF file converter program looks like a challenging task. Well, no need to worry more!

Top 5 Best PDF Converters
Top 5 Best PDF Converters

We shortlisted a few best PDF document converters that let students and teachers convert PDF documents into compatible file types and vice versa without any huge manual intervention. Let’s head one by one.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Converter

Adobe Acrobat is the perfect program that offers easy-to-process PDF file conversion tools. If you want to proceed with any PDF-related tasks without huge manual intervention including conversion, editing, and more, then this is the ultimate option for you. With this free assistance, you could now convert PDF to and from other file formats such as PNG to PDF, VCE to PDF, PDF to PDF/A, and more.

The most auspicious parameter is that this PDF converter will be capable of converting the original formatting while transforming scans or images. No need to proceed with any essential adjustments to attain quality outcomes regarding PDF conversions. It has highly affordable options regarding PDF file management and conversions and even entertains you with innumerable unique features.

Its PDF Converter

If you’re dealing with PDF file conversions frequently, then you may already have encountered this PDF converter source by This is indicated as the fully optimized tool that allows you to convert PDF files to and from certain other compatible file types. No matter how frequently you’re using this online PDF file converter for conversions, it never compromises the layout (formatting) of the converted files.

With this converter source, you can make conversions including PDF to Word, Bmp to PDF, PDF to JPG, PDF to PPT, Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, and more. In addition to that, combining PDF, splitting PDF, and compressing PDF files is only a couple of clicks away with this assistance. And, the utmost parameters about this PDF converter are that it is 100% free and even no signup involves before and after conversion.

WPS PDF Converter

It is another best PDF conversion source in this list, WPS PDF file converter helps to convert PDF files without compromising quality. You can find that this program supports nearly all common formats including PNG, TXT, JPG, etc. It functions to transform PDF files into images or even assists you to create PDF documents from different other file types.

You can make a couple of clicks and let the WPS PDF converter start converting MS Word files to secure PDF documents. Remember that Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides can serve as the main source files for PDF conversions. When users convert them into PDF documents with this PDF converter, the data in these files cannot be altered easily.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is referred to as a super-fast utility that lets users convert PDF files with unique features. No matter what device or operating system you’re using, this utility allows you to create and transform PDF files easily. You can make a couple of clicks to convert the PDF back into compatible formats including Excel, Word, and more.

With this PDF file converter, you don’t even have to worry about the resultant file quality because it processes conversions with a quality perseveration feature.


EasePDF is one of the best PDF file-converting programs that is loaded with a wide array of PDF converters for certain convenience. This platform is packed with up to 20 different online file conversion tools, which means you do not need to go anywhere else to solve your PDF files related problems.

Once you get the converted PDF or other files, you can easily share them with anyone with a single go.

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