JAC Board 11th/12th Computer Science Syllabus & Book [PDF]

JAC Board Computer Science Syllabus Class 11th & 12th

JAC Board Computer Science Syllabus, Book, Question Paper, Notes and PDF links are available here, Students can download & buy JAC Board Computer Science Book, Question Paper, Notes & PDFs through this website or posts. JAC Computer Science Syllabus Class 11 & Class 12 are very very important for preparing JAC 11th-12th Computer Science Exam 2023-24 for JAC-Jharkhand Board.

Students who are searching for JAC Board Syllabus for Class 12 Computer Science 2023-2024 & JAC (Board) 11th-12th Computer Science Syllabus 2023, then you are on the right place, In this article you’ll get answers of your All queries related to JAC Board Computer Science Syllabus 2023, JAC Computer Science Syllabus, Book, Model Question Paper, Important Questions and Previous Year Questions with their Solutions.

JAC Board 11th/12th Computer Science Syllabus 2023-2024 is slightly same as CBSE Board 11th/12th Computer Science syllabus but CBSE Board Computer Science (CMS) syllabus changed in 2019, So in CBSE Board syllabus included Python programming language instead of C++ but JAC Board still has the old syllabus, that means JAC Computer Science Syllabus has C++ Programming Language and the remaining other chapters are same as the CBSE Syllabus. Jharkhand Board (JAC) Class 11th & 12th Computer Science Syllabus 2023-24 includes 18 and 14 Chapters for class 11 & 12 respectively with C++ Programming Language, which are given below.

  • JAC Computer Science Syllabus Class 11 Chapters (Syllabus):
  1. Computer Fundamentals
  2. Software Concept
  3. Operating System
  4. Number System
  5. Microprocessor
  6. Memory and Input Devices
  7. Programming methodology
  8. Problem Solving: Methodology and Technology
  9. Overview of C++
  10. Input and Output in C++
  11. Operation in C++
  12. Control Statement in C++
  13. Device and Character I/O
  14. Library function and Feader Files
  15. Function in C++
  16. Arrays in C++
  17. String Heading in C++
  18. Data Structure in C++
  • JAC Computer Science Syllabus Class 12 Chapters (Syllabus):
  1. Overview of C++
  2. Object Oriented Programing in C++
  3. Functional Overloading
  4. Class and Objects
  5. Constructor and Destructor
  6. Inheritance: Extending Classes
  7. Data File Handling
  8. Pointers
  9. Arrays
  10. Stacks, Queues, Linked List
  11. Database Concept
  12. SQL – Structured Query Language
  13. Boolean Algebra
  14. Communication and Network Concept.

JAC Computer Science Syllabus, Model Question Paper and Marking Scheme

JAC 11th/12th Computer Science Question Paper Pattern 2023-24 will be same as JAC computer science Previous Year Question paper (pattern) 2022-23, but since 2019 question paper pattern have changed and the syllabus reduced due to lockdown. So the new Syllabus is less then the whole (100 percent) complete syllabus because some chapters and topics have removed.

This year also Computer Science Exam will be conduct in two (parts) papers (known as 1st & 2nd terms), the 1st term will be objective and the 2nd term (paper) will be subjective type questions, also its Question Pattern, Marking Scheme (weightage of marks) have changed since 2019, So it will be same as the JAC board Computer Science Previous Year Question Papers 2023-24.

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JAC Board Computer Science Class 11 & 12

If we get any new update from Jharkhand Academic Council (Ranchi) then, definitely we’ll update this post and provide latest PDF of JAC Board Computer Science Syllabus, Question Pattern and New JAC Board Computer Science Marking Scheme or weightage of Marks for JAC-Jharkhand Board 2023-2024.

Jharkhand JAC Board Computer Science Book, Notes & PDF

The JAC-Jharkhand Board follows so many Author’s and Publication’s Book for JAC Board Computer Science Book Class 11-12 subject, but according to Teachers and so many Students reviews, they generally recommend these two books, The 1st one is Computer Science with C++ By Sumita Arora and 2nd book is Computer Science Book by Reeta Sahoo, These two Books are best for all Computer Science students. My favourite book is Computer Science with C++ by Sumita Arora because it has best explanations in simple language and also it has so many other advantages which makes it Best Book for Computer Science for class 11 and class 12.

JAC Board Computer Science Book Class 11 & 12 are available for board exams for JAC computer science students, You can buy it from Flipkart, Amazon or also you can buy it from Any Book Store. If you want to download JAC Class 11 & 12 Computer Science Book/Notes pdf or Class 11/12 JAC Computer Science Book in pdf format, then you can check some websites which provide Books & Notes in pdf format.

JAC Board Computer Science Important Questions Class 11 & 12

JAC Board Computer Science Important Question 2023-24 are available here for Class 11th & 12th students, So if you are studying from JAC-Jharkhand Board & You have Computer Science subject in class 11th/12th, You want to Download Important Questions, then we are also providing the JAC 11th/12th Computer Science Important Questions for your 2023-24 Board Exam.

Jharkhand Board Important Questions are based on the latest Syllabus provided by Jharkhand Academic Council Ranchi, So don’t forget to check out these JAC board Important Questions for Class 11-12 both. Also you can check the Important Questions on our YouTube channel for All subject of Science stream for Class 11th & 12th Students.

JAC Board Computer Science Articles and Study Materials Links

Here we are providing Study Materials and Articles links such as JAC Board Computer Science Syllabus, Books, Model Paper, Question Paper, Notes & Important Questions for Class 11th/12th students, who are studying & preparing for Jharkhand board Computer Science Exams, These All Study Materials will help you in your studies as well as to score Good Marks in exams, Students can check these links which are given below:

JAC-Jharkhand Board Computer Science Syllabus 2023-2024

JAC-Jharkhand Board Books PDF Download

JAC Board Computer Science Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions

JAC Computer Science Important Questions 2023-2024

JAC Board Computer Science Books Class 11 & 12

Sumita Arora Computer Science Book Vvi Questions & Answers

1.C++ Revision Tourpdf
2.Obj. Oriented Programming C++pdf
3.Function Overloadingpdf
4.Classes and Objectspdf
5.Constructors and Destructorspdf
6.Inheritance: Extending Classespdf
7.Data File Handingpdf
10.Linked Lists, Stacks And Queuespdf
11.Database Conceptpdf
12.Structured Query Language (SQL)pdf
13.Boolean Algebrapdf
14.Communication And Network Conceptspdf

JAC-Jharkhand Board All the Study Materials available on our website such as Model (Sample) Question Paper, Previous Year Question Paper, Mock Test Paper, Important Questions, I hope this Article (JAC Board Computer Science Syllabus & Books) helped you, So don’t forget to check other Study Materials for Class 11th & 12th, Thank you.

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